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Recon-RF Labs

RF-Product Developments Grounded in Accurate RF-Microwave Metrology

Recon-RF develops High-Performance RF-Microwave Products through discriminating capabilities in Modeling, Distributed Computing, RF Design-Automation & Microwave Metrology. Recon-RF has numerous State-of-the-Art test-stations including: Time-Domain Vector Harmonic Load-Pull and Noise Parameters - spanning 0.8 to 110 GHz, S-Parameter Test-Sets - up to 140 GHz, RF Power Amplifier Test-Sets, High-Power Semiconductor Pulsed IV, on-site and cloud-based distributing computing clusters. These advanced RF design capabilities are employed by Recon-RF design teams to develop the highest performing and reliable RF-Microwave products in Module, RFIC/MMIC, Packaged, or Hybrid-MIC form factors.

0.01 - 67 GHz

Semiconductor Test Station

S-Parameters + Pulsed IV

0.01 - 67 GHz

S-Parameter & Power Amplifier Test Station

DC - 140 GHz S-Parameter Test Station


Dedicated RF-Design & Semiconductor Test Stations

These test stations are used by Recon-RF Design Teams during custom RF-Microwave development projects: Custom MMICs, GaN SSPAs, LNAs, Mixers, Switches, etc.


0.8 - 18 GHz Harmonic Load-Pull & Noise Parameter Test Station

10 - 67 GHz

High Gamma Vector Harmonic Load-Pull & Noise Parameter Test Station


10 - 67 GHz Load-Pull & Noise Parameter Test Station


8 - 40 GHz Harmonic Load-Pull & Noise Parameter Test Station

Noise Parameter Test-Sets with Recon-RF Custom Low-Noise Receivers - up to 110 GHz

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