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Recon-RF has a dedicated manufacturing facility enabling rapid RF-Product developments for prototyping and low to high volume productions.

Assembly and Manufacturing Equipment and Machinery

Automated Wire/Ribbon Bonders

Die-to-Die/ Substrate-to-Die interconnect wire bonding and gold bumping

Wire Bonder

Finetech Pick and Place Machines

Pick-and-Place, eutectic die attach, flip-chip attach, and thermo-sonic bonding, with accuracy to +/- 5 um.


Precision Epoxy Dispensing Machines

Automated precision adhesive dispenser for precision placement of conductive adhesives for die/ substrate attach


High Magnification Inspection Scopes

High precision inspection of assemblies, bond profile inspection, and creation of 3D models for verification of structures - with an accuracy down to 2 um


Reflow Ovens

Reflow soldering of surface mount electronic components to printed circuit boards and curing of conductive epoxy


Additional Assembly and Manufacturing Equipment

Recon-RF has a wide variety of machinery and equipment to enable rapid product development - from design to assembly

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