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RF-Design Capabilities

Recon-RF custom designs high-performance MMICs - SSPAs, LNAs, Mixers, T/R Cells which are then used to develop Integrated Microwave Assemblies and Modules from DC to above 140 GHz. The company has discriminating GaN SSPA design capabilities to enable custom Ultra-High-Efficiency SSPAs in MMIC, Hybrid-MIC, and final Module Forms. We are equipped with State-of-the-Art RF labs, assembly, and manufacturing facilities that allow us to rapidly design, fabricate, and test up to 140 GHz.

Custom GaN-MMIC Designs.png

Custom MMIC Designs

GaN SSPAs, LNAs, Mixers, T/R Cells, etc.

GaN SSPA Tx-Modules.png

GaN SSPA Tx-Modules


GaN SSPAs w Spatial Power Combining.png

GaN SSPAs w/ Spatial Power Combining


Ultra-High Efficiency TR-Modules.png

Ultra-High Efficiency TR-Modules

IMA Modules & System-Integrations

For Phased Array and similar applications

High Frequency Assembly and Fabrication.

High Frequency Assembly & Fabrication

Highly repeatable wire and ribbon bonds & < 5 um precision component placement

GaN Transistor Test and Modeling.png

GaN Transistor Test & Modeling

High-Power & Low-Noise

High Frequency CW and Pulsed SSPA Measur

High Frequency / High Power CW & Pulsed SSPA Measurements


High-Power GaN IM-FETs.png

High Power GaN IM-FETs

50 Ohm Matched


Ultra-Broadband Low-Noise Receivers

1-70 GHz Module Shown

RF-Microwave Product Development

Several of Recon-RF's discriminating capabilities are identified above, however we also design and manufacture Integrated Microwave Assemblies (IMAs) and TR-Modules - including the custom active and passive RF components to support their developments: custom MMICs, GaN MMIC SSPAs, power combiners, filters, phase shifters, switches, and Low Noise Amplifiers in GaN/SiC, GaN/Si, GaAs, LDMOS, InP HEMT, and InP HBT technologies. 

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